May 18, 2011
"Medicine has become enslaved to “evidence-based” approaches that rely on randomized, clinical trials as the only measure of whether a treatment is valuable, Weil and his co-authors wrote. While these gold-standard studies are vital, they are not the only way to measure worth, they said."

Dr. Weil says there’s a better approach to evaluating clinical drug trials - Los Angeles Times

I would hope that every doctor I ever encounter is “enslaved” to evidence-based approaches to medicine. I prefer my healthcare free of magical thinking. You know, what with my wanting to be treated effectively for illness and all.

The article concludes:

"Many medical doctors disparage integrative medicine and have no use for Andrew Weil. But he and his co-authors raise some terrific questions about how well the current system of evaluating new drugs is working for those it’s meant to serve: patients."

Medical doctors disparage Andrew Weil because he is a quack who peddles snake oil and whose methods can actually be deeply harmful to patients.

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